The CAE written test takes 90 minutes and is divided into two parts.

CAE writing Part 1 – Essay

Part 1 requires which you write 220-260 words about a given topic, considering both relative sides of this argument. You are provided a starting point predicated on something like information from an ad, a contact, a short article etc. Let me reveal a sample extracted from the Cambridge website .

Your class has attended a panel discussion on facilities which will receive money from local authorities. The notes have been made by you below:

Which facilities should get money from local authorities?

Some opinions expressed into the discussion:

“Museums aren’t popular with everybody!”

“Sports centres mean healthier people.”

“A town needs spaces that are green parks are superb for everybody.”

Write an essay discussing two associated with facilities in your notes. You ought to explain which facility it really is more essential for local authorities to give money to, giving reasons in support of your answer.

You may, if you wish, utilize the opinions expressed when you look at the discussion, however you should make use of your own words so far as possible.

Before you start

The absolute most important task is to spot ALL areas of the question. Take a short while to|minutes that are few read and underline the important parts noting which are obligatory and which, if any, are optional . For instance.

Write an essay discussing two regarding the facilities in your notes. You need to explain which facility it really is more important for local authorities to offer money to, giving reasons in support of your answer.

You may , you should use your own words as far as possible if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion , but.

Next, create an agenda of all you wish to include and exactly how you will arrange it. Remember, good writing is arranged logically and uses clear formatting such as paragraphs. This might be only possible with planning.

“If you are not able to plan, you plan to fail!”

Your writing is supposed to be assessed from the criteria that are following is very important to understand before beginning.

  • Content – Have you answered all the question?
  • Communicative Achievement – perhaps you have used the style that is right of?
  • Organisation – perhaps you have structured your writing logically?
  • Language – Have you used a range that is good of and vocabulary?

First make an inventory about the advantages and disadvantages of every choice.

Facilities Museums Sports centres Public gardens
advantageous to adults and kids
might not appeal to everybody
promote tourism
could be boring
promote health insurance and fitness
not weather dependent
could be expensive
not used the maximum amount of because of the elderly
encourage outdoor activity
good for the environment
unused in winter
liberated to use
advantageous to pets / animals

Next decide which two you are likely to come up with and which points you would feel most confident comparing.

Since you are writing an essay you need to write in a semi-formal style. Here you will find a typical example of the manner in which you might structure such a letter with useful best essay writer service phrases in bold .

After attending the discussion regarding how best to allocate the funds for a new facility I want to discuss a few of the options .

PARAGRAPH 1 – INTRODUCTION . What you have to do is introduce this issue (go from general to concrete). I will suggest three sentences here. Make the third one a concern.

PARAGRAPH 2 – talk about the first bullet point. Write a topic that is good and give reasons why you should support your argument. Point out advantages and maybe also disadvantages (on the other hand, it is . ). Use examples where possible.

PARAGRAPH 3 – talk about the second bullet point you’ve chosen in a way that is similar. It’s not obligatory to point disadvantages again (bear in mind you have to jot down to 260 words).

PARAGRAPH 4 – CONCLUSION . State your opinion. Write 2 or 3 sentences. Point out clearly which associated with two discussed aspects is more important, on such basis as what you have written above. The final outcome should put a complete stop as to the you’ve got written rather than open a new argument.

Semi-formal to formal. Be objective and not too emotional. Avoid too expressive words (amazing, magnificent, disgusting).

Use structures that are various vocabulary with an increase of set phrases and idioms. Pay special focus on appropriate linking devices.

Introducing the subject : some social people believe that, it is said that.

Supporting your argument : Firstly, Secondly, last but most certainly not least.

Adding information : In addition, Furthermore, What is much more, Moreover.

Expressing an opposite point of view : Having said that.

Write an essay discussing two for the facilities in your notes. You need to explain which facility it is more necessary for local authorities to give money to, giving reasons to get your answer.

You may, if you want, utilize the opinions expressed within the discussion, but you should make use of your own words as far as possible.

Don’t forget to allow 5 – 8 minutes to check your projects prior to the right time ends.